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The warmth of the sun is irreplaceable, longed for in the depths of winter, it’s the only thing that, for all our technology, we cannot buy on the shelf. And when sun is shining, what we really need is light, refreshing and delicious food. Recipes that don’t require too much effort and hours in the kitchen
And as we move towards summer, produce is at its peak. Delicious fruits and vegetables abound at local markets and besides being low in calories, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, you’ll be thrilled at how fresh, delicious, and satisfying it all tastes. Here are a few of my essential sunshine ingredients:
Watermelon -Natures Ice lolly has more than 80 percent water, so it’s an excellent way to satisfy your thirst and keep you hydrated during long summer days. Chilled soups –These are also the perfect appetizers to start your meal. Gazpachos are wonderful thirst-quenching, liquid salads, made with fresh, raw vegetables and ripe tomatoes; they are the perfect thin…