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For me, nothing beats the salivating bouquet of garlic and onions sweating in olive oil. It’s the first easy step of so many recipes, but it’s also the one that so many people seem to get so wrong. Do not brown your garlic as this leaves a strong, slightly bitter aftertaste in the finished dish. Make sure you warm your pan slightly, and then add a little olive oil. This way you will use less oil saving you money, because the oil spreads and thins out in the warm pan. Add the onions and garlic, and then place them over a gentle heat. Let them cook slowly without colour, stirring with a wooden spoon. Don’t fry, but sweat them gently to encourage them to release the heavenly smell that can fill your kitchen with this most amazing, mellow aroma. Long slow cooking of garlic removes most of its pungency and should pacify even the most ardent garlic-haters.Spanish Restaurants are awash with garlic from marinated olives, aioli, chorizo and anchovies. In spring young green garlic shoots called…