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Recently I was travelling on a plane back to Mallorca from Moscow, just flicking through a Russian Magazine when I came across a recipe of one of my signature dishes. The Sea Bass with anchovy, parsley & liquorice was printed exactly as I had written it some four years ago, embarrassingly still with the same grammatical errors, for a website called Global chefs. The only difference was the picture of the smiley chef next to the recipe was not of me, but a French Chef from a famous Moscow hotel claiming the dish to be his own. I found it mildly amusing at first, but slowly it niggled at me and bothered me enough to email the chef to ask if there had been some sort of mistake. He denied using my recipe at first, until I pointed out the very same grammatical mistakes and the identical content on global chefs. He then confessed and stated that he is a big admirer and I should be proud of the fact that he liked the recipe so much in a, copying is the best form of flattery, kind of way…